The life of parents revolves around their children but when the children grow up, often the parents are sidelined and are seen as a burden. Thus, it is not an unusual sight to see such old people lying on the street, uncared and starved at the fag end of their life.

The Abandoned Elderly

Udavum Karangal does not run old age homes. However it rescues the abandoned elderly people and gives them shelter, food and loving care.

Treatment and Care

Often their needs may be quite simple: a home and people who care. Sometimes they may need medical care and treatment. The organization fulfils all their needs.
Udavum Karangal also rescues the terminally ill dying destitues from the streets and gives them treatment. When they die the ceremonial rites are performed as per their wish or religious affiliation.


Malarvanam in Velappanchavadi is a home for elderly men and Karunai Illam in Maduravoyal is for elderly women.

The resident children treat these elderly persons as their grandparents and move with them freely.


After having been abandoned by their children Mr. Satyanarayan and his wife Mrs. Santha were rescued in 1996 and brought to live in Shanthivanam. He was 71 years old and retired from LIC. The elderly couple spent the last phase of their life in dignity, serving others.

Mr. Sathyanarayan, fondly called Thatha by everyone died at the age of 90.

There are many such heart rendering stories of elderly people having been abandoned by their children and sheltered by Udavum Karangal for life long.