-All their needs, both basic and emotional, are attended to in a competent and compassionate way.
-Homes, Schools, General and Mental Health Care Programs.


– To stretch the loving hands of Udavum Karangal to reach out to all the needy
-To have an open heart and to go beyond institutionalized care to community welfare
-To provide Family Counseling and organize awareness programs
-To create awareness in society that we are part of the same humanity and together we can build a compassionate world
-To restore dignity to the destitute irrespective of age, gender, religion, race, caste or community

There is a sense of fulfillment when


1. A child who is rescued, educated and given in marriage visits Udavum Karangal with her children. She is now a part of the mainstream society.

2. Wandering mentally ill persons who are rescued, given psychiatric treatment and a life of dignity are reunited with their family.

3. Women from poor families earn a living… thanks to our Nursing and Tailoring courses

4. Children of poor families, first generation students, excel in their studies from our school

5. Children with special needs learn skills to live an independent life.

6. Children of migrant workers learn to read and write.

Thus, there are no loose ends and the circle is complete. But it is an ever- widening circle.

Our Achievements

It is the Quality and not the Quantity that matters. But still we present some astounding statistics: Since 1983, the services of Mr. Vidyaakar have touched upon the life and well being of more than 25000 children.

Rescuing, rehabilitation and restoration back to their parents and relatives
Counseling and guiding for their better living and career
Referring to specialized organizations
Providing free value based education
Arranging marriages for girls
Providing higher education to lead an independent life

More Than 50,000 Persons Including Children, Mentally Ill Patients, Senior Citizens, Terminally Ill Persons Received Medical Support, And Educational Support During the last 34 Years:

  • 10,000 children provided support in the form of drugs, equipments, lab investigations, air/water beds, calipers, bed pans, stretchers, walkers, wheel chair etc.
  • 19,000 patients provided free medical consultancy and medicines at 50% cost.
  • 120 heart patients provided free shelter and food during pre and post operation period.
  • 30 cleft palate children provided free shelter and food during rehabilitation.
  • 42 medical camps in villages, 85 families provided free Ambulance service.
  • 262 AIDS patients rescued and given treatment
  • Sponsored 42 open heart surgeries.
  • 750 visually impaired students were provided free shelter and food to pursue their studies.
  • 3346 senior citizens were provided palliative care.
  • Our regular schools in Chennai and Coimbatore provide value education to 2200 students every year.
  • Our Special initiatives such as Jeevan School of Nursing has trained 400 students.
  • Jeevan Computer Centre has trained 150 students.
  • Jeevan Tailoring centre trained 340 women in tailoring and handicrafts.
  • Jeevan School for Special Children provided special education to 305 mentally challenged students.
  • Wings Mobile School provided basic education to 1800 children of migrant workers in the construction industry.
  • Our new initiative “Vimochana” has provided free legal aid to 280 persons to settle the cases.

Udavum Karangal also extended its helping hands:

Currently there are around 1100 residents in 20 homes located at Thiruverkadu, Velappanchavadi and Maduravoyal in Chennai, Myleripalayam village and Marudamalai Road in Coimbatore, Girivalam Road in Thiruvannamalai and S. Kallupatti village near Madurai in Tamil Nadu State. The residents are provided with shelter, food, clothing, medical care, education, training etc. free of cost.

  • By constructing 72 houses in Kanathur village for victims of Tsunami in 2006.
  • Rescuing 35 children drowned in Pulicat Lake.
  • Providing care and treatment to 30 girls – victims of sexual abuse.
  • 340 psychiatric patients referred by NGOs in Kerala were treated, rehabilitated and restored to their families. The Social Workers also follow up these cases every month to assess their medical condition.
  • 38 children and 32 adults of Bangladesh Nationals were rescued from Camel Racing Agents and sent back to their country in 1998.
  • A number of foreign nationals stranded in Chennai were rescued and reunited with their families at Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Germany, Canada and Austria.

Our Hopes and Challenges for the future

From residential care to Community welfare- this is the direction in which Udavum Karangal is headed. Issues regarding health, employment, education and skills training are being taken up. A Family Counseling Centre is being set up to address problems of addictions and domestic violence. Kalvi Tuition Centre helps children with their homework after school.

Gayathri Hospital

Health is a top priority but unfortunately the poor cannot afford to go to hospital when they fall sick. The Construction of a 50 bed hospital which began in September 2015 will be a boon to the poor in Thiruverkadu and surrounding areas.

Gayathri Sevai Maiyam

If each family is helped to take care of its members, especially the aged, the sick, the elderly, the disabled, there would be fewer homeless people and a healthier society. With this in mind Udavum Karangal began Gayathri Sevai Maiyam in May 2016.

Towards a more compassionate society

Udavum Karangal hopes to bring about a change in people’s attitude towards the suffering person on the street, to build a more humane society. Our APP ‘HELPER’S CHOICE’ gives everyone the opportunity to be a socially responsible individual.

The Challenges we face

The construction of the hospital costs around 30 crores. The running cost is estimated to be around 2 crores per annum. To run all the homes, schools and other projects benefitting over 10,000 people Udavum Karangal constantly appeals to the public for help.

Media Coverage

  • Udavum Karangal has a message “ Help us to help others “ – Indian Express
  • Vidyaakar is not a social worker but a miracle worker – Hindustan Times
  • This Pappa doesn’t preach – The Week
  • Hands of Love – Reader’s Digest
  • It’s a home & heart for destitute – Blitz
  • Vidyaakar , the saviour of dying and destitute in Chennai – Sunday Midday
  • To the destitute of Chennai , he is known as “Pappa” – Khaleej Times
  • His helping hands selflessly reach out to the destitute and dying – Opus Trends
  • A messiah for the discarded – Madhya Pradesh chronicle
  • Heart touching experience – Aishwarya Rai (Miss World)
  • Dedicated to bringing comfort to the dying – Eves Touch

Change is inevitable , but sometimes , it is inevitable because one individual or a group of individuals (like S.Vidyaakar ) who have made a difference to the city ( Chennai ) and led the way – The Hindu

Awards for Mr. Vidyaakar

  • Award for Best Institution 2002 – Government of Tamilnadu
  • Ugaadi Puraskar – Chennai Telegu Academy
  • Indira Gandhi Sadbhavan Award 2008 – National Integration & Economic Council , New Delhi
  • Award of Excellence – Loud Thinking Forum
  • International Award for Most Outstanding Voluntary Organization in India – Matsushita , Japan , 1992
  • Recognition for Outstanding Service – City of Philadelphia , 2003
  • Citation honoring Udavum Karangal – Governor , Commonwealth of Pensylvenia
  • Maschio Humanitarian Award – Mumbai , 1996
  • Rising Personality of the Century – Penguin Publication
  • Best Social Worker Award – National Youth Federation , Delhi
  • Community Service Award “ Rose of Ridvan 2007” – Local Spiritual Assembly of the BAHAI’S of Chennai
  • For the sake of Honour Award – Rotary Club of Chennai
  • Citation for services provided for the Tsunami Victims – Denver Sister
    Cities 2005
  • Award for best social worker – from the Government of Tamil Nadu, India – 2004
  • Kannada Rajayothsava Award – Bangalore
  • Rotary International Award , Chennai ,2007

The Governing Body of
Udavum Karangal

Udavum Karangal has grown into an internationally recognized NGO acclaimed for its service to the poorest of the poor. There is a Team of dedicated people to carry out the mission of the organization which has its centers in Chennai, Coimbatore, Thiruvannamalai and Madurai.

No Name Post Profession
1 Mrs. Saulina Arnold CHAIRMAN Social Worker
2 Mr. S. Vidyaakar SECRETARY Social Worker
3 Mr. Sridhar V. Iyer TREASURER Manager
4 Mr. Ratan Vidyaakar JT. SECRETARY Social Worker
5 Mr. M. Balasubramaniam MEMBER Rtd Officer, LIC
6 Dr. Catherine Victoria MEMBER Psychiatrist
7 Mr. E. Rajendran MEMBER Industrialist
8 Mrs. A. Loba Mudra MEMBER Advocate
9 Mrs. Malliga Ravindar MEMBER Home-maker
10 Mrs. R. Rajalakshmi MEMBER Home-maker
11 Mr. Abilash Vidyaakar MEMBER Operations Executive


Udavum Karangal’s Partner in the U.S

Udavum Karangal Udavum Karangal of USA consists of people of good- will who raise funds for the various projects of Udavum Karangal. Most of them are from Tamil Nadu settled in the USA who care about the welfare of the under- privileged people back home. They organize cultural programs highlighting Indian traditions to raise funds.

No Name Post
1 Mr. S. Vidyaakar Founder
2 Ms. Padmini Ranganathan President
3 Mr. Sivasubramanian Secretary
4 Ms. Geeta Kannan Treasurer
5 Mr. Sundar Balasuryan Director
6 Mr. Richard Byrnes Director

Udavum Karangal’s partner in the Netherlands

Mr. Bart Veldpaus is the Chairman of the Dutch Foundation. He and his wife Marijke are the prime movers in coordinating and channelizing donations from various individuals and institutions to Udavum Karangal.

Co-Trusts Of Udavum Karangal

Udavum Karangal has 3 associated Trusts:

Udavum Karangal Educational Trust manages Ramakrishna Vidya Niketan, Sree Ramakrishna Vidya Mandir, Jeevan School for Special Children, Annai Creche and Jeevan Community College.

Udavum Karangal Charitable Trust manages Community Outreach programs.

Sri Gayathri Medical Mission & Research Foundation runs an Out-patient Clinic, Gayathri Hospital and conducts free Medical Camps.