All the activities of Udavum Karangal are an attempt to respond to human suffering : The hands of compassion cross all boundaries to reach out to outcasts of society.


Udavum Karangal began with an abandoned baby and so they are in a way the foundation of the organization. Everyone knows that bringing up a baby is not an easy job. It takes immense courage to pick up an abandoned baby often mutilated physically and psychologically. The Founder, Pappa Vidyaakar’s only thought was the need of the child- a home, love and care. Incredible as it may seem, some children are abandoned. They may be Spastic, HIV+ or normal, they are the heart of Udavum Karangal. There are homes and schools where they are nurtured and educated to find a career and lead a dignified life. They still remain a part of the large family of Udavum Karangal with strong human bonds.

Mentally Ill

The wandering mentally ill, however bizarre they may seem, are human beings like you and me. Udavum Karangal rescues them, gives them psychiatric treatment and reunites them with their family whenever possible. For some, Udavum Karangal is their permanent home. Each one has a heart- rending story.


There is stigma and superstition attached to mental illness, especially in rural and tribal areas. A mentally ill person in this area is often chained up for want of facilities. Parivartan, a community project of Udavum Karangal takes awareness and psychiatric treatment to the door steps of people in villages of Coimbatore and the tribal areas around Coonoor in Tamilnadu. Thus it brings liberation and transformation in their lives.

Homeless Elderly People

Once they were parents and heads of their family. When they are old and no longer useful, they end up on the streets. Udavum Karangal rescues them and gives them a life of dignity.

Community Outreach

Jeevan Community College of Nursing, Computer and Tailoring classes and Creche are agents of women’s empowerment. Gayathri Sevai Maiyam brings a ray of hope to the slum dwellers of Thiruverkadu.

Community Health Care

When a daily- wage earner falls ill and medical help becomes unaffordable, his future and that of his family becomes bleak. Gayathri Hospital brings solace to such poor persons.