From Homes, Schools and Rehabilitation centers, the services of Udavum Karangal are being extended to the community in a planned and efficient way. The following programs seek to reach out to women, the elderly and the economically backward people living in the slums of Thiruverkadu.

Women’s Empowerment

Udavum Karangal empowers women from economically backward families by equipping them with job- oriented skills. On getting employed as nurse, teacher or a tailor, they become financially independent and a support to their family.

Jeevan Community College

Recognized by the Tamil Nadu Open University, a one year course – ‘Diploma in General Duty Assistant (Nursing)’ is offered by the Jeevan Community College. This course is available for girls who have finished 10th Std. and are from economically backward family. Started in 2007, this course has helped over 500 girls to get a job in various renowned hospitals in the city.

A one- year diploma course in ‘Early Childhood Care and Education’ is also offered to girls who have finished 10th Std. Girls interested to work with young children or those with special needs will benefit from this course and they can find employment in Montessori schools.

‘Home Care Nursing’ is a 3 month certificate course for women who have studied upto 8th Std. This Course will equip them with necessary skills to work as a Home based health care attendant.

Tailoring school

A tailor is always in demand and can find employment in garment factories or be self- employed. Over 400 women have been trained in Jeevan Tailoring School and lead a dignified life. Even those who have not attended schooling can find a living thru this art.


A working woman, especially a construction worker, maid or a daily wage earner can work with peace of mind knowing that her child is in safe hands.
Annai Creche not only assures a safe environment but also a happy place where children learn as they play. They are taught rhymes and games, stories and dance. When they are old enough, they are admitted in Ramakrishna Vidya Niketan School and thus, a firm foundation is laid for the child’s future.

Day Care for the Elderly

Respecting and caring for the elderly is a way of life in Udavum Karangal. This is fulfilled by providing them with free lunch, stay for the day and medical help. They are also gifted with new clothes during festivals.

Gayathri Sevai Maiyam

This Community Outreach program was started in May 2016 to serve the people in the slums of Thiruverkadu. A large section of the population here live in poverty and many families have migrated from villages. Udavum Karangal feels the urgent need to help them in areas such as health, education and job opportunities. After a survey, the priorities of service were set. The success of this project can be summarized as follows:
-Several Medical camps were held for immunization, eye screening etc. Cataract Surgery was arranged and free spectacles were distributed. There is an over- all improvement in health, both awareness and treatment.
– Big companies in the area are being contacted to provide employment to those in need.
– Career guidance to youngsters continues. Several girls have joined the Nursing course in Jeevan Community College.
– Kalvi, a tuition centre, gives coaching to the school going students in the area.
The dedication and professionalism of the Team is bringing about a socio- economic change to the people of Thriuverkadu.

Short stay Facility for Women

Women who face domestic violence, sometimes leave their homes. They may wander around aimlessly putting themselves at risk as they have no place to go. The short stay facility offered by Udavum Karangal is a refuge for them. It provides shelter for about 15 days to 3 months and gives Counseling, legal and medical assistance.

Vimochana : Free legal aid and Counseling are given in our Coimbatore branch to solve domestic disputes to women who are economically backward. The advocates of Vimochana deal with cases such as divorce, maintenance, property disputes, adultery, cruelty in marriage, death insurance claim etc.

Free Library

For leisure and learning, Bharathiyar free library is open to the public in Thiruverkadu. It is a boon to many students as plenty of reference books are available here. There are more than 10000 books on varied subjects available in this library. Leading dailies are available for senior citizens.

Financial Support

Udavum Karangal is well aware of the struggle faced by the under privileged families to educate their children. Scholarship in the form of school fees, note books, uniforms etc. are extended to deserving students.
Financial assistance is granted on occasions like marriage and also during medical emergency. Udavum Karangal always has its heart open for those in need.