Marriage is an important milestone in the life of an individual. It is even more so for girls who have grown up in Udavum Karangal in a protected and sheltered atmosphere. Marriage helps them enter the normal main–stream life and become a partner, a mother and head of a family.

Mr. Vidyaakar arranged the marriage of the first resident girl in 1992 when he was in his 30s. Since then more than 100 marriages have been celebrated. Each marriage has a big story behind it. It begins with the rescue of an abandoned girl baby. It is a long journey….the way the baby has been nurtured, educated, empowered and settled in marriage by Mr. Vidyaakar ensures a happy ending.

To ensure the girl’s security, well- being and happiness in married life, great care is taken in identifying a suitable bridegroom.

Udavum Karangal follows strict guidelines in match-making.
Thorough enquiries are made about the boy’s education, employment, salary, his family, their financial status. If all this is satisfactory, Mr. Vidyaakar and others visit the boy’s family. Marriage arrangement begins only after the boy and his family visit Udavum Karangal, meet the girl and their mutual consent is taken.

The Wedding Celebrations

Once the marriage is finalized, Udavum Karangal follows all the customs that are prescribed in a traditional marriage. Whatever be the religion, some common celebrations are performed in all marriages to keep up the sacredness of the bond between the two individuals and their families.

The girl, even after she moves to her husband’s house, can rely on the support of her Pappa Vidyaakar and Udavum Karangal. She is invited to visit her ‘maternal home’ during festival days and also for the delivery of her first child.