Located in Thiruverkadu, it is Udavum Karangal’s main project area in Chennai where children are sheltered. Children are grouped age wise and taken care by well trained house mothers round the clock. Pasamalargal, Sishu Bhavan and Thayagam are some of the units meant for children. Spastic and mentally challenged children are nurtured in “Kutty Paapas” unit.

Primary needs: A secured shelter and clothing, nutritious food including milk and fruits and regular medical check-ups.

Emotional needs: Both as father and mother, Pappa Vidyaakar looks after them with love and affection. With trained house mothers and care-givers, psychologists and counselors, the children are enfolded in well-being.

Sondham at Coimbatore

Once they finish 5th. Std. the boys from Shanthivanam , Chennai are shifted to Sondham unit in Coimbatore branch of Udavum Karangal which is located on the outskirts of the city. As in Chennai, these children are also well taken care by trained house mothers.
These children continue their studies at Sree Ramakrishna Vidya Mandir School within the campus. A well equipped play area with various facilities are provided for their extracurricular activities.

Who are these children?

The first child of Udavum Karangal was found abandoned in a cinema theatre. Often a baby born to an unwed mother, or with a handicap is abandoned. Sometimes, the mother cannot cope up with a baby. Since the rescue of the first baby, Udavum Karangal has become a family to thousands of children.Now, in Udavum Karangal, ONLY babies born to rescued psychiatric patients are nurtured along with the mothers. In other cases, abandoned babies are handed over to the Child Welfare Committee.

Life in the Homes

The Homes in Shanthivanam and Sondham are like a large family with grandparents, uncles, aunts and siblings.

Most of the children have suffered severe trauma in early infancy and a lot of care is taken to ensure that the wounds and scars are healed. House- mothers, care- givers, volunteers, doctors and psychologists work round the clock to ensure that the children are well taken care and are empowered to have a bright future.

Apart from this, the focus is on education, sports and entertainment. Children who need academic help are given extra coaching. There is close monitoring to ensure that the children grow in a disciplined and holistic way. Udavum Karangal is a large family going beyond biological bonds. Since every child is unique, they are motivated to enrich their talents. The birthdays of all the children are celebrated with much fanfare.

Success story 1

A beautiful baby girl was abandoned in a maternity hospital. A concerned person called Udavum Karangal and the baby was rescued. After finishing her school, she was trained to be a Special Educator and worked in Jeevan School for Special Children. Her marriage was arranged with a Chartered Accountant and she now leads a happy life.
There are several reasons for the success of such stories. The children grown in Udavum Karangal are never made to feel to miss their biological family. Undivided attention is given to them in all the areas that even a normal family may not afford to. The girls are given premarital counseling to help them cope with the outside world.

Success story 2

Rajagopal is yet another baby abandoned at birth. He is a well behaved and disciplined boy. Academically he is an outstanding student who came out in flying colours in his school final and is now pursuing his graduation in Bio- technology.
He is every parent’s dream- come- true -child.