Once the children finish school education, care is taken to find the right kind of higher studies. The interest of the children and their potential play an important part. Every year, an average of 30 boys and girls are sent for higher education. While many boys have done Diploma in Engineering, girls have opted for Nursing, Special Education, Teaching, Ophthalmic Technical Training etc. Around 300 children have been helped to gain higher studies, Skills training etc. to get jobs and stand on their own feet.

Some of our Achievers:

Mr. Ratan Vidyaakar, B.Sc. (Gold Medalist), MSW.
Mr. Vasanth Vidyaakar, Chef in the Defence Dept.
Mr. Rajan Vidyaakar, MBA and works in a Bank.
Mr. Abilash Vidyaakar, B. Com, pursuing IAS.
Mrs. Gomathy, Ph.d, Professor.
Mrs. Rajalakshmi, MBA.
Mr. Padmaraj, Dip. In Civil Engg.
Mrs. Sindhu – Special Educator.
Ms. Sofia, Psychologist.
Mrs. Jothi, B.A. (Sociology), MSW
Mr. Arun Vidyaakar, B.E. (Mech.)
Mr. Karthik Vidyaakar, B.Tech.( Mech.)

Emerging achievers:

Viswajeet Vidyaakar has secured a seat in Diploma in Automobile Course in Nachimuthu Polytechnic College in Coimbatore.

Anbu Vidyaakar is doing his UG course in Computer Science.

Kedhar Vidyaakaris pursuing a Diploma Course in Civil Engineering.