A home, education and a secure life has been given to about 25,000 children during last 34 years .


A home is much more than a basic necessity. It’s a place of love, care, security, sustenance and nurturing. The primary and emotional needs of the children are taken care.


Education is the main tool of empowerment . The schools of Udavum Karangal have made it accessible to children for whom education was a distant dream. Apart from children of Udavum Karangal first generation students from economically backward families and children of migrant workers and those with special needs, all receive the type of education suitable for them.

Higher Education and Placements

The children of Udavum Karangal, after finishing school, depending on their interest and potential, are either sent for higher education, career oriented training or placement.In the last 2 years, about 114 boys and girls have been sent for training or higher education. 180 young men and women have found jobs and are living independently. Children who were once rejected, are empowered by Udavum Karangal to serve the society in various fields.


Once the girls reach adulthood and choose to settle in life, their marriages are arranged. There is a well – thought – out procedure which ensures utmost security and well- being of the girl. The bride-to- be, who has grown up in the security of an Orphanage, is given counseling to meet the challenges of a married life. Marriage gives the girl a life- long companion and to have her own family