Udavum Karangal does not have any religious or political affiliation. It is totally dependent on the generosity of donors. We present below Schemes through which you can reach out to the needy.

Anna Dhanam – Gift of food

You can sponsor breakfast/lunch/dinner etc for our residents under these schemes. This is a better opportunity to share and celebrate special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries etc.

Anna Dhanam – Gift of food USD INR
To Provide baby food for an infant/month 20 1000
To Provide Snacks/Fruits/Juice for a unit of 100 24 1200
To Provide breakfast for 100 children 40 2000
To Provide Lunch or Dinner for a unit 0f 100 60 3000
To Provide Lunch or Dinner for all 300 kids 180 9000
To Provide Lunch or Dinner for all residents 720 36000
Sponsor bag of Rice 50 2500
Sponsor Vegetables & Groceries for a day 150 7500

Feeding Endowments

We at Udavum Karangal believe in the continuous participation by the well-wishers in our mission. For this we have introduced endowment schemes, which will ensure a concrete base and a assured feeding for our residents. Here the amounts donated are invested in Corpus fixed deposit, where the principal is not disturbed and the interest from these investments are utilized for the feeding.

Feeding Endowments US $ INR
A bag of rice every year on a day 400 20000
Breakfast for 100 kids every year on a day 500 25000
Lunch or Dinner for 50 kids every year on a day 380 19000
Lunch or Dinner for 100 kids every year on a day 760 38000

Child Sponsorship Schemes (Yearly)

Child Sponsorship Schemes (Yearly) USD INR
Sponsor education for a child for a year. 125 6000
Sponsor education, food, health and clothes for a child for a year. 250 12000
Sponsor expenses to take care of an infant for a year (up to the age of 3years). 70 3600
Sponsor a Mentally retarded/Spastic child per annum 120 5000
Sponsor educational expenses for an under priviledged student for a year (Community child) 220 11000

Child Sponsorship Endowment-one Time

Child Sponsorship Endowment-one Time USD INR
Sponsoring a child’s education up to the +2 level 1200 60000
Sponsoring a child’s education and maintenance up to the +2 level 2400 120000

Arogya Dhanam – Gift of Health

Maintaining good health is yet another major requirement of our residents. To take care of the health and medical necessities we need a lot of resources. You can contribute to these schemes by which we can meet their health care needs.

Arogya Dhanam – Gift of Health USD INR
Medicines for an infant/month 16 800
General Medical expenses for a day 44 2200
Medicines for an HIV patient per month 60 3000
Medicines for a psychiatric patient/annum 90 4500

Vidya Dhanam – Gift Of Education

Education is the greatest asset for a human being to stand on one’s own leg. We consider it our primary responsibility to provide these children, whom we take care of, with education. Your contribution to these schemes would go a long way in achieving this.

Vidya Dhanam – Gift of Education USD INR
A pair of shoes or school bag for a child 14 700
A set of uniform for a child 20 1000
A complete set of text books for a child 24 1200
A school pack for a child consisting of school bag, books, pen, pencil, eraser & sharpener. 40 2000
Physiotherapy equipment for special children 60 3000
Sponsor a teacher’s salary / month 200 10000
Sponsor a picnic for 200 children 240 12000
Development of infrastructure facilities (Like furniture, lab equipment, computer, play items etc.) 300 15000
Jeevan Special School USD INR
Sponsor the annual educational expenses of a special child 100 5000
Sponsor a special educator’s salary for a month 180 9000
Jeevan Day Care Centre for the Aged USD INR
Sponsor a cataract surgery 140 7000
Sponsor a special meal for for 50 women 30 1500
Sponsor a pair of spectacles 20 1000
Jeevan Community Health Services USD INR
Sponsor health check up for a senior citizen 36 1800
Sponsor a child’s immunization 24 1200

Small Projects

Small Projects USD INR
Furniture for a class room 1300 65000
Book shelves, table/chairs for Library (Residents) 1400 70000
Bed sheets for 100 persons 300 15000
Pillows for 100 persons 320 16000
Cots & Beds for 50 persons 2400 120000
Sports/Games equipment 1000 500000
Dresses for 100 children 600 30000
Sarees for 100 women 320 16000
Ambulance for emergencies- Maruthi 7000 350000