Child Sponsorship

Sponsoring a child is the beginning of a unique relationship between you and a child, which can transform the future for both. Your support can give a needy child, life’s essentials like food, education and basic health care.
While guaranteeing a better future for a child by donating through sponsorship schemes you can develop a bonding between the child and you by occasional visits, sending gifts and corresponding with them. This would make a world of difference for an otherwise less fortunate child.
Sponsor a child today! And Experience the difference!

Sponsorship Information & Guidelines

  • You can inform us your preference like age, sex, normal or a special child.
  • Based on your preference we will allot a child on your behalf on receipt of your sponsorship amount.
  • For easy communication you will be given a “Donor ID and a Child Code”.
  • Renewal of sponsorship continuously will provide a secured future and yield better results.
  • You have the option to sponsor more than one child.

What you receive

  • Details of the sponsored child with photograph
  • Yearly report on the progress of the child with latest photo
  • Intimation of birthday of the sponsored child
  • Request letter for renewal of sponsorship
  • A feeling of joy by caring and sharing
  • FAQ on Child Sponsorship

Child Sponsorship Schemes (Yearly)

Child Sponsorship Schemes (Yearly) USD INR
Sponsor education for a child for a year. 125 6000
Sponsor education, food, health and clothes for a child for a year. 250 12000
Sponsor expenses to take care of an infant for a year (up to the age of 3years). 70 3600
Sponsor a Mentally retarded/Spastic child per annum 120 5000
Sponsor educational expenses for an under priviledged student for a year (Community child) 220 11000

Child Sponsorship Endowment-one Time

Child Sponsorship Endowment-one Time USD INR
Sponsoring a child’s education up to the +2 level 1200 60000
Sponsoring a child’s education and maintenance up to the +2 level 2400 120000