Left-to right : Janaki, Mr. Vidyaakar, Sushma’s Husband, Janaki’s Daughter Sushma, Sushma’s Daughter, Sushma’s Mother-in-law.

Udavum Karangal has some inspiring stories of transformation. People who were once abandoned have risen from the ashes like the phoenix and found new life.


Ayesha’s childhood was a troubled one. At a very young age she started to work as a house- maid. While still in her teens, her step- mother got her married. Because she did not take enough dowry, her in- laws set her on fire and threw her out on the street. While she lay there almost naked, flesh burning, she was rescued by Udavum Karangal and taken to hospital.

That was 16 years ago. Today, Ayesha is a caring volunteer, serving the elderly and the mentally ill women in Karunai Illam.


The smiling face of Vatsalya greets you as you enter Udavum Karangal’s home at Thiruverkadu. Having grown up there she is one of the best spokes- persons for the organization. The tragic beginning of her life is hardly visible in her cheerful attitude. Being born as a baby girl she was thrown out of a running train. When she was rescued near the railway tracks, her right leg was so badly damaged that it had to be amputated. She was fitted with prosthetic leg, given physiotherapy and was brought up to be confident and independent. Incidentally she has also learnt Bharatha Natyam.

She is studying for B. A. in Sociology while working as a receptionist. She had been rejected because of her gender but today her fortitude makes womankind proud.en rejected because of her gender but today her fortitude makes womankind proud

Fareedha Khatun’s Rescue and Restoration

In March 2015, a phone call from a school boy saved 2 lives. A pregnant woman scantily clad with multiple fractures was lying on the pavement in front of hospital opposite to Central Station in Chennai. Thousands of people passed by her every day. But who really cares?

Responding to the phone call, our social workers went there. As usual, they strike up a conversation – establishing a human contact is very important to them. very important to them.



When a lost person is restored to his or her family, it is a very emotional reunion. Sethu was reunited with his mother after nearly 21 years and it was heart rending. While narrating the incident.

Sethu came to Udavum Karangal in March 2011, referred by an institution in Kerala. He was originally from Sivaganga in Tamil Nadu.

The Lost Son Returns

20 year old Santhosh, called Babu by his family in a remote village in Odisha, was managing life well enough with psychiatric medication. Along with 2 friends he comes down South in 2014 in search of work. At some point, he stops his medication, wanders off from his friends and gets lost. With Mental illness and homelessness aggravating one another, soon he is lying on the street, starved, barely alive, hardly human. This is the condition in which Ratan, a Social Worker from Udavum Karangal, rescues him in June 2016.

Janaki and Sushma

JANAKI , the Valiant Sentry.
Here is the true story of an abandoned mother and her girl child, who were wandering aimlessly on the streets of Coimbatore. Both were rescued by Udavum Karangal and taken care. Here is how they were found, rescued and rehabilitated.

‘Fate or Treachery ?
A good Samaritan writes to Udavum Karangal.
“A mentally sick mother and her cute little 3 year old girl have been wandering around our town for the last 6 months. Our hearts shudder at the sight of this tender child following her mother walking over 10 kms . each day and then going to sleep on the road side at night.

A Social Worker’s Experience

Ratan Vidyaakar shares

I have been in Udavum Karangal ever since I can remember. I am just another kid from Udavum Karangal. I was one of the beneficiaries, part of the common life there. I studied in Ramakrishna Vidya Niketan, I was in the first batch. After school, I came to Coimbatore. That’s when the project there was starting to take shape and I was helping Pappa with the organizing work. Once the Project started taking shape, I asked Pappa if I could go for higher studies. He gave me permission to join the nearby college- Karpagam University. I completed B.Sc. in Hotel Management and Catering there winning a gold medal in the academics.